Maker of Stories. Shaper of Words. Voyager of Ideas. Like you, I live at an intersection of worlds. I grew up in Utah and have also lived in Kentucky, Ecuador, and now California. In college, I chose a degree in interdisciplinary humanities (with emphasis in English literature and a minor in graphic design) to explore a variety of creative forms in the world. Writing offers me a special opportunity to pursue subjects as diverse as Antarctic exploration and Andean metaphysics, early gunpowder and synthetic emotions. I always seek to discover worlds beyond the limits of my experience, or to challenge what I think I know. I love high fantasy, space opera, apocalypse, epic, myth, literary experiments, layered worldbuilding in nontraditional settings, and many stories that redefine the boundaries of genre. When not writing, I may be found cooking mediocre curries in the kitchen or away exploring a mountain or museum with my wife.