Looking for fantasy of the future? Looking for fantasy worlds without elves?*

Fantasy can lead us to frontiers we’ve never imagined…yet. In this vein, I’ve collected some of my best stories from 2020 into a convenient, free ebook. Consider four alternate realities wherein

• a demigod infiltrates an insular religious order to extract their secrets about his kind
• Antarctic explorers encounter a fey presence in the world’s most extreme wilderness
• we simmer an epic conflict between green young heroes and vintage evil
• a physician who sees the ghosts of pain investigates a murder-inducing plague
• plus, time-travel** with the author (hi there, it’s me) to discover the origins of all four stories!

Intrigued? Get all that in the ebook, Untold Dimensions, when you sign up for occasional news and new stories to your inbox. I only ask one price: you let these stories sweep you off to new worlds, beyond the familiar.

*Nothing against elves. They’re friendly folk, when you don’t steal their jewels.
**Please be aware that “time-travel” is a gimmick here meaning I explain my process creating the stories. No temporal laws were broken in the making of these making-ofs.