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Hi there! If you’re new around here, welcome. For the time being, this post serves as the antechamber to this site.

During the infamous 2020, I wrote 20 short stories—all available for your reading pleasure on this website. I’ve gathered them below with handy links to each one. You’ll also find brief commentary for a few of them that I’ve assembled into an ebook, if you’re interested to learn about my process and inspirations.

For my sanity and yours, I’m not going to keep writing such hefty stories every month. Flash fiction and blog bits will still show up pretty often, but novels are my main focus. I’m looking to publish my cyberpunk fantasy and various other projects in early- or late-draft mode. Stay tuned.

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A woman confronts Judgment to rescue her people from their bionic oppressors.

The “extras” gave him a mission to end all craving in the city of angels.

Explorers find a fey presence in the world’s most extreme wilderness.

The nowdrinkers bring disaster to your home on exile.

A physician who sees the ghosts of pain investigates a murder-inducing plague.

Flash fictions—last love, stellar decryption, inventing the rebellion, and daring escapes.

A demigod infiltrates a sacred compound to extract secrets about his own species.

Hell’s seventh circle awaits the jealous hero of a tragic play.

Mother and daughter visit a realm where nothing dies in the dark.

The famed adventurer duels her wily opponent for control of the precious plastic fountain of youth.

A creature of the underworld incurs the wrath of nine diverse companions.

Flash fictions—fleeing Earth, posing as machines, stewing good and evil, fleeing Hell.

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