Worlds of Earth

Recently I developed the aesthetic for a (potential, hypothetical, unrealized) project that explores Earth from an alien perspective, in emulation of sci fi. Maps, language, and history are the focus. I think of it like an atlas for extraterrestrials undercover among humans. Really it’s nonfiction, aimed at people in today’s world/s. You might be curious about it: find it on the subdomain. I designed it for easy skimming, so you can read it all, pick out some interesting bits, or just glide through the pictures.

If you liked the Frankenstein article I did earlier this year, there’s a different page over there describing that process of filthy creation. Some new information, some more hideous pictures to dazzle your eyeballs.

Yes, my graphic design side is getting more regular updates than this site at the moment. But visuals are fun, right?

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